Tailor Activities to Developmental Stage

Match activities with the child's developmental stage for engaging and frustration-free play

Rotate Activities Regularly

Keep things dynamic by introducing new elements and rotating items to sustain interest

Choking Hazard Awareness

Ensure all kit items are age-appropriate and free from small parts that could pose a choking hazard

Active Supervision

Actively supervise playtime, encouraging interaction and ensuring a safe, enjoyable experience

Mealtime Sensory Exploration

Utilize mealtime for sensory play, discussing food textures, colors, and scents during meals

Themed Sensory Days

Dedicate specific days to themed sensory play, keeping it exciting with variations like "Texture Tuesday" or "Smell & Tell Thursday

Family Engagement

Turn sensory play into a family affair by participating, asking questions, and sharing the experience together.

Celebrate Achievements with Sensory Play

· Use sensory play to celebrate milestones or unwind after a busy day, turning it into a reward.