1. Fidget Spinners

Spinning sensation for friendly competitions. Guaranteed laughs and rivalries. Suitable for everyone. Can get repetitive

2. Stress Balls

Squeeze, squish, and toss for stress relief. Silly faces and amusing sounds. Stress relief for all.

3. Slinky Toys

Retro toys for wacky movements. Nostalgia and goofy walks. Great for all ages.

4. Bubble Wrap

Irresistible popping experience. Popping sounds and races. Lightens the mood.

5.Tangle Toys

Twist and turn for mesmerizing shapes. Endless shape possibilities. Engages creativity and senses.

6. Pop It!

Endless popping satisfaction. Oddly satisfying noises. Highly engaging.

7. Fidget Cube

A cube with various fidgeting options. Varied tactile experiences. Keeps hands occupied constructively.

8. Rubik's Cube

Timeless puzzle for the mind. Frustrating yet rewarding. Encourages problem-solving.

9. Mini Basketball Hoop

Shoot hoops between conversations. Hilarious missed shots and epic dunks. Promotes activity and competition.

10. Fidget Pen

Pen with fidgeting features. Keeps hands occupied. Engages creativity.