Sensory Balls

– Textured balls of varying sizes and materials are for squeezing,  rolling, and tactile exploration.

Water Beads

– Tiny, colorful, and squishy beads provide a unique tactile experience, especially in water.

Light-Up Toys

Toys emit soft light, engaging the visual senses, and adding charm to play time.

Musical Instruments

– Instruments such as shakers, tambourines or small xylophones are      meant for auditory stimulation and rhythm exploration.

Sensory Mats

– Mats with various textures and patterns provide a tactile      experience, designed to engage and stimulate the senses.

Scented Playdough

– Scented playdough      adds a sensory twist to creativity, engaging kids with delightful aromas      for imaginative, fragrant fun.

Fidget Toys

– Small handheld toys like spinners or stress balls, offer discreet tactile stimulation and promote focus.

Visual Stimulation Toys

– Visual stimulation toys captivate with vibrant colors and dynamic      patterns and promote sensory engagement in a compact, stimulating package.

Textured Blocks

– Building blocks with various textures provide tactile exploration and creativity during building activities.

Nature Exploration Kits

Kits include organic components, such as leaves or pinecones, which offer visual and tactile cues to foster a sense of connection to nature.