Occupational Therapy & Stress Toys

Therapists use stress toys to help people relax and improve their fine motor skills. It's like playtime for feeling better

Stress Toys at Work

Stress toys make work a calm and productive place. Here's how to bring them into your workplace

Employee Needs & Preferences

Ask your coworkers what stress toys they like. This helps you pick the best ones

Variety of Options

Have lots of stress toys to choose from. Squeeze balls, spinners, cubes - there's something for everyone.

Relaxation Zones at Work

Create special spots for relaxing. Comfy chairs and no noisy areas make perfect zones

Promote Stress Relief Breaks

– Encourage short breaks for stress relief. Playing with stress toys       helps you focus better

Team-Building with Stress Toys

Use stress toys in team games. It's fun and helps everyone work together

Training on Stress Toys

Teach how to use stress toys. Share tips for feeling better and let everyone find their favourites

Managers Set the Example

Managers can use stress toys too. It shows they care about everyone's well-being

Encourage Well-Being Culture

Talk about mental health at work. Let everyone know it's okay to ask for help