Stress toys are great for kids with special needs, providing comfort and relief

Stress toys aren't just for grown-ups; there are options designed just for kids

Use your stress toy whenever you need - there's no right or wrong time

Keep your stress toy clean - some wipe clean, others have parts you can wash

Get stress toys online or at wellness stores for a variety of options

Yes, there are special stress toys made just for kids

Are stress toys okay for children?

No, it can help, but it's important to talk to a professional if you need to

Can stress toys replace therapy?

DIY stress toys are easy with balloons, rice, and playdough. Check our DIY section

How can I make my own stress toy?

Absolutely! They're encouraged to keep workplaces positive and stress-free

Can I use stress toys at work?

Online or in specialty stores focused on relaxation and wellness products

Where can I find lots of stress toys?