Types of Stress Toys

Stress toys come in many forms to suit different       preferences and needs.

Squeeze Balls

– Squeeze balls are famous for easing stress.       Squeezing activates muscles for relief.

Fidget Spinners

– These spinners are fun and calming. They provide a       tactile experience anywhere you go.

Stress Putty

– This putty has a unique feel. It relaxes as you       mold and work with it, loved by both kids and adults.

Weighted Blankets

– They offer deep pressure to calm the nervous       system, great for sensory processing challenges.

Sensory Rings

– These discreet toys offer a fidget-friendly       experience, helping reroute nervous energy.

DIY Stress Toys

– Make your own stress toys for fun and budget-friendly relief.

Balloon Stress Balls

– Fill a balloon with rice, flour, or beans for an       instant stress reliever.

Rice Filled Stress Balls

– Try making a stress ball filled with rice for a       soothing tactile experience.

Playdough Stress Relievers

Playdough isn't just for kids. It's a fantastic stress reliever for adults, providing calming sensations through molding.